Sadly i won’t be able to post anymore travels i’ve done in the past. Which really saddens me. Those photos and videos where memories from places i went and in a blur of a second everything was gone.

My laptop has been lost since saturday and I did manage to find the location of it but the location was too vogue, it was a building with different businesses inside. I’m still hoping tho that i’ll get to retrieve it.

September 3
Started this day, well awake. I’m still adjusting and it’s tiring. Working during the night and sleeping through the day just makes me feel weak and i can’t work right. Anyway thing that happened to me today are basically boring but somehow it’s okay cause i just need life to be boring right now. It’s more easy that way. Anyway here are my highlights for the 3rd of september:
-went home laughing like weirdos with co-workers
-read a bit of 5th wave
-slept till 3pm
-took a shower and dressed up
-went to church
-went work
-went to a meeting then went back to work.

See how normal my life is and this is where I want to be at the moment.

Barely did anything today. I got home by 6:30am then slept from 7 till noon. Ate food and then attempted to do our restaurant’s menu. I also watched teen wolf and now i’m back at the office to work. Oh god night shift is killing me.

One hk afternoon.

A book store around maginhawa street where you can buy books in a lower price.