We got out of the mall around 12:30am. Stepping outside the mall it was cold and nice at the same time. It was calm that it feels just nice to walk there beside you. I was about to hold your hand when a rat passed by quickly. I froze and you asked me if i saw that. I replied with a nod and cursed like a whimp. You held me close putting your arm around me but i’m too scared to cherish the moment and continued to pick up my phase but you still hang on to me keeping me safe and suddenly two more rats appeared and I shrieked and ran away. You followed me and laughed.



I never thought dating in college and at work would be so different. As most of you know I was in a relationship in almost 3.something years and that was like almost my whole college life. Now that I’m dating someone else it’s different. I was back at square one. I’m not in the comfortable stage anymore where I’m not clingy, We’re not even together yet because of me wanting to take it slow as possible just to cherish every single moment. Anyway we’re not a thing but we are something and we have work and we don’t get to see each other everyday unlike before when we were students. It’s just different now, you have a schedule, you’re always tired. It’s hard to make time, You have a lot in your mind, you want to do everything. uhg. and this is hard. it’s just that you miss each other more, sometimes I think i’m in an LDR even if we’re just some distance apart. Oh, He’s from Bulacan. So IDK. I just really want to see him. not to mention the no phone policy during work hours (10-7pm) in their office.

Monday Booktubeathon Challenge!

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