August has come and ber months are about to start. I have been fairly happy with my august since I have a new job to keep busy with, more connections to connect with and well someone to be with. I’m just particularly happy. I also got to travel which I’ll post soon… I think. Well so that’s life, Hoping to get money by sept tho cuz i’m still broke as eff. Haha. 

So I went to Hong Kong last friday for 3 days. I only got to film the second day cuz I was to lazy to carry it around in an airport on the first day then I forgot my charger giving me 2bars of batteries to work with. So here’s my 2nd day in HK. didn’t filmed during shopping because, just cause. carrying books/clothes while filming alone while carrying a camera bag may suck a lot. I also didn’t film in train rides just cuz im lazy to bring it out. I’ll be a good travel videographer next time :))

So my second day consist of:

  • Taking the MTR to Diamond Hill.
  • Went to Chi lin nunnery and Nan Lian Garden.
  • Got to dizzy and dehydrated with the heat so I went to hollywood plaza.
  • Ate some intensely hot rice noodles and bought two glasses of milk teas.
  • strolled around the mall and saw a random book sale for a cause thing. 
  • thought it was an all chinese book sale but i still went in.
  • It was not an all chinese book sale and all english lit was for sale for $20 (100 pesos) from harry potter (new book cover) to peter pan to contemporaries to everything!
  • they do not give you paper bags for your books.
  • carried all the books whilst riding the train and shuttle.
  • after going back to the hotel, understood how buses works then went to Mongkok to shop. 
  • went back to the hotel to drop off my shopping bags, took my camera and went to harbour city via bus again.

gotta love walking around to places while you still can. Also I didn’t took pictures of buddhas and stuff in the nunnery for respect.

We got out of the mall around 12:30am. Stepping outside the mall it was cold and nice at the same time. It was calm that it feels just nice to walk there beside you. I was about to hold your hand when a rat passed by quickly. I froze and you asked me if i saw that. I replied with a nod and cursed like a whimp. You held me close putting your arm around me but i’m too scared to cherish the moment and continued to pick up my phase but you still hang on to me keeping me safe and suddenly two more rats appeared and I shrieked and ran away. You followed me and laughed.