I make a lot of mistakes as a friend, I get people mad and I disappoint them. I don’t really mean to but somehow I sometimes don’t think whenever I say something… 

I manage to learn something out of it though. I would always take a mental note to what part of my personality I want to improve not because I want to be perfect but because I just want to be better.

The photo video team with the debutant last sunday. Happy happy passion.

There are times that I hate myself for still thinking about you, I just don’t want anything to do with you anymore. It’s not because I hate you, It’s not because i’m bitter. It’s just that you still remind me of something bliss and wonderful that I once had but suddenly went away. I hope this moments would go away. I just hope it would stop. 

Will i find someone again? it’s hard experience something so unreal and great and to have it all taken away from you. You’ll strive to find something much better or just as the same. The thing is you’ll never know if your future relationship would be better. I’m scared, I am. Falling in love means dedication and risking everything with this person. risking your friendship and risking your heart to have the chance of getting hurt again. I know the happiness that comes with it, I know the infinite feelings that you would feel when your together but when those happy moments are over everything just goes black. the happiness you once seem to reminisce becomes a burden and the heart you seem to happy to have becomes a heavy baggage.

I just wish that I’ll have that someone again where I can be happy and maybe by that time whatever issues we need to resolve whatever hardships we need to go through whatever challenges we need to overtake we’ll still be together. 

Something I miss in a relationship is when you can tell your significant someone absolutely everything and they’ll be as excited as you or when you did something your proud of and show it off to them they’ll be so proud of you.