I was never one of the popular kids. Not in grade school, high school or college. I never had a lot if friends that would notice me or care for me. I’m also not much of a wallflower. I’m just regular. A regular girl who has enough regular friends and a regular status. Just a plain regular that’s been dying to push a little bit outside the norm.

Sadly i won’t be able to post anymore travels i’ve done in the past. Which really saddens me. Those photos and videos where memories from places i went and in a blur of a second everything was gone.

My laptop has been lost since saturday and I did manage to find the location of it but the location was too vogue, it was a building with different businesses inside. I’m still hoping tho that i’ll get to retrieve it.

September 3
Started this day, well awake. I’m still adjusting and it’s tiring. Working during the night and sleeping through the day just makes me feel weak and i can’t work right. Anyway thing that happened to me today are basically boring but somehow it’s okay cause i just need life to be boring right now. It’s more easy that way. Anyway here are my highlights for the 3rd of september:
-went home laughing like weirdos with co-workers
-read a bit of 5th wave
-slept till 3pm
-took a shower and dressed up
-went to church
-went work
-went to a meeting then went back to work.

See how normal my life is and this is where I want to be at the moment.

Barely did anything today. I got home by 6:30am then slept from 7 till noon. Ate food and then attempted to do our restaurant’s menu. I also watched teen wolf and now i’m back at the office to work. Oh god night shift is killing me.

September 1.
Start of september and well it’s both tiring and fun. Dates, bookstores and some friendly hangman competition. It’s always nice to just walk and play around with each other. Oh! My night shift also starts now, Damn i’m tired and it’s just 1am.